2016 – Present   –    Ph.D. candidate, Specialization in Transitional Justice and Post-Conflict Reconstruction. 

Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada. 

2004 – 2009   –    B.S in Computer Sciences (Honour Student “Título de Oro”, Grade: 5.18 / 5). Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas, Havana, Cuba.


Professional and Research Experience

2016 – Present – Research Assistant (Project Manager and Data Scientist), Cultureplex Lab, Western University, Canada.

Cultureplex Lab, run by Prof. Juan Luis Suárez, is a multidisciplinary lab focused on Digital Transformation, Cultural analytics, and Peace innovation. It presented an unprecedented scale and diversity of opportunity in my career. I have been able to expand my network and experience working as a Software Manager and Data Scientist in several projects with an impact in the public and private sector in the London area, Canada and globally.

I have gained valuable expertise running digital transformation partnerships from the conceptualization phase, writing grant applications, software development, testing and knowledge transfer. The projects related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, complex networks, social media analysis, and data analysis have demanded up-to-date knowledge of these topics. 

I had the opportunity to co-found the Datapoints Project, short publications that communicate the results of our lab’s recent projects for a wider audience, not only academics. #Science for #everyone.

Our work has been recognized by the media, and funded by the Mitacs Accelerate Internship Program, VIP Ontario Centre of Excellence, Western University, among others. See Projects

2016 – Research Assistant, Faculty of Electrical and Software Engineering, Western University, Canada.

I was invited by Prof. Luiz F. Capretz to conduct an empirical study exploring the social implications of the tester role in the software industry in Cuba, Canada, China, and India. We published four papers on the topic. This research was funded by the Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program. See Empirical studies on Software Testing Profession.

2015-2016 – Software developer, Appollo Systems, Germany.

Apollo Systems GmbH is a cloud-based Digital Innovation Platform that offers comprehensive consulting in the areas of process analysis and optimization, digitalization and industry. It offers an efficient digitalization of internal and cross-company processes with seamless interconnection of humans, machines and internet of things. I worked effectively with a SCRUM methodology, dev issues management, and test-driven model approach. I developed front-end and back-end components in JAVA, Google Web Toolkit, Javascript, CSS, HTML, JPA. 

2011 – 2015 – Project Manager, Software Analyst and Developer, Centro de Gobierno Electrónico, Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas, Cuba.

I lead the execution of an award-winning project for the Digitalization of Legal Documents. The software, used in Cuba and overseas, automates all the processes in a Digitalization Centre complying with all the standards of privacy, security, transparency, persistence and availability for documents with legal value. We reached the certification of CMMI Level 2. I also had a major role in analysis and implementation tasks. Tech: Java EE, Glassfish, JSANE, OCR.  See Digitalization of legal documents

2009 – 2011 –  Software Developer – Chronos Systems, Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas, Cuba.

Chronos is an award-winning platform for asynchronous replication in PostgreSQL. I developed, deployed and supported the multithreaded data access layer responsible for data replication in real-time. Tech: C++, Parallel Programming (PVM), PostgreSQL, NetBeans, Debian OS. See Project Chronos. 


Teaching Experience

Sept 2020 – Present – Department of Language and Cultures, Western University

TEACHING ASSISTANT – Responsible for teaching laboratories, student supervision and engagement, course evaluation and student academic support. Course: DH2120F Digital Creativity – Prof. Juan Luis Suárez. 

Jun 2019INSTRUCTOR, Faculty of Education, Western University  –  Training Workshop: “Networks Analysis: Applications  and Current Challenges.”

Fall 2018, Winter & Summer 2019 – Department of Language and Cultures, Western University

INSTRUCTOR – Responsible for full-time teaching, student supervision, course evaluation and student academic support. Participation in activities related to community-engaged learning and community outreach.  Course: SP1030 Spanish. Supervisor: Ana García-Allén. 

TEACHING ASSISTANT–  Responsible for part-time teaching, course design, student supervision and engagement, course evaluation and student academic support. Courses:  IC 2200G “Not Lost in Translation”: Practice and Theory of Intercultural Communication. Prof. Angela Borchert,  SP 2215F Exploring Hispanic Cultures, DH1011B Digital Humanities Prof. William Turkel.

2009 –2015 –  Department of Software Engineering, Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR – Responsible for full course design and instruction, grading, student supervision and engagement, course evaluation, and student academic support.  Courses: Advanced Topics in Databases, Software Engineering I, Software Engineering II, Project Management, Algebra, Discrete Math.  



Areas of Expertise: Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Statistical computing, Complex Networks, Natural Language Processing, Digital Transformation.

Soft Skills: Collaboration and Leadership, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Social responsibility, and Communication.

Technical Skills:

Programming Languages: Python, R, JavaScript, JAVA, C++.

Tools: SPSS, Hadoop, Google Cloud Plattform, Social Media APIs (Twitter, Facebook, Insta), Tableau Software, IBM Bluemix, iPython, Bootstrap, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), JSE (Swing), J2EE (EJB, RMI), JPA, JUnit, Parallel Programming (PVM), Java Spring Boots, HDBase, CSS, HTML, XML, JSON.

Databases: Hive, PostgreSQL, MySQL, H2, SQLite.

Languages:  Spanish (Native), English (Fluent), French (Basic).



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Lizama-Mué, Yadira and Lissuan Fadraga. “Acceso a datos en aplicaciones multihilos orientadas a objetos.” Revista Cubana de Ciencias Informáticas 3(2), 2010. [Link]


Conferences Presentations and Panels

Lizama-Mue, Yadira. “Humanidades Digitales e Inteligencia Artificial” Semillero de Investigacion INNOVARE, Universidad Abierta y a Distancia UNAD. July 1, 2021. Colombia.

Lizama-Mue, Yadira. “¿Negociamos en la paz sobre lo que nos afecta en la guerra?: Una perspectiva desde el análisis del lenguaje de las disposiciones sobre los niños y niñas en acuerdos de paz desde 1990” LVII Congreso – Asociación Canadiense de Hispanistas, Jun 1-4, 2021. Online

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Awards and Grants  

2020 Voucher for Innovation and Productivity, Ontario Centre of Excellence, PI: Juan Luis Suárez

2019 Mitacs Accelerate Internship Program, Mitacs, PI: Juan Luis Suárez

2018 Western Strategic Support for SSHRC Success Seed, Western University, PI: Melody Vizcko

2018 Graduate Thesis Research Award, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Western University

2016 – 2019, 2021 Western Research Graduate Scholarship, Department of Language and Cultures, Western University

2016 Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP),  Western University PI: Luiz Fernando Capretz

2015, 2012 & 2010 Premio a la Excelencia a Profesores vinculados a la Industria de Software. Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas, Havana, Cuba.

2010 Premio al Equipo de Mayor Contribución Tecnológica y Científica. Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas, Havana, Cuba.

2010 Premio al Mayor Aporte Científico. Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas, Havana, Cuba.

2009 “Título de Oro” [Honour Student] Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas, Havana, Cuba.



2019 Reviewer of International Journal of Transitional Justice. 

2020 Reviewer of American Journal of Software Engineering and Applications. 

2020 SHARCNET Summer School, Compute Canada.

2016 Project Management Certification, Mitacs.